GRUPO RYTSA was born in 1985, currently conformed by BONETERA RYT Industriales y Processos Alfa. The company begins operations with only 10 RUMI Italian socks knitting manufacturing machines from BRESCIA ITALIA. By 1998 the company is consolidated as the moral person it is today. By 2001, there were 45 fully computerized knitting machines, MATEC brand of Italian origin. In 2003, after a process of growth and renovation of machinery, BONETERA RYT has 76 machines with the best technology also fully computerized. For 2005, 28 more machines are acquired, for the third quarter of that same year there are a total of 104 machines.

Acceptance of our products brought us to invest in the acquisition of new machinery to meet the demand of our customers. For the period between 2006 and 2007, there is a vertiginous growth in number of machines from 104 to 177 between machines of knitting, boarding machines and linking machine. As of this year, the new plant of circular fabric of medium diameter is developed for the manufacture of winter garments and accesories. During 2009, a new production line was formed based on flat seamless technology that belongs to the medium diameter knitting machines. Wiht this project we could increase our product range that includes underwear and sports garments with semless technology. For 2013 we opened our towel production division with the most modern ITEMA looms of the moment equipped with electronic Stäuli Jaquard. In January 2016 we expanded our production capacity by 38% with the acquisition of new machinery to supply the needs of our customers in the socks knitting division.


Reflect our passion by offering a concept in fashion, innovation and technology in our garments offering an incomparable lifestyle.


Consolidation of our products in Mexico and the Internationally apparatus to the global requirements, offering better alternatives in solutions for everyday life.


We are a sustainable organization; We add a high social, moral and economic value to employees, partners and shareholders. We always keep the preference and exceed the expectations of our customers. Committed to the creation of colorful and innovative products. Congruence in our passion for quality of service. Permanent evolution in the positioning of our corporate and commercial brands. Dedicated to the search and permanent incorporation of talent. Committed to the care of life and respect for the environment.